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FIRST Take - 1:53 pm (DVR)..Favre...'s imperative that we put aside the Favre retirement nonsense he put us through.  Brett Favre is remarkable.
Ignore that other stuff and you have to marvel what he does on the field as a QB.  40 years of age and he has 37 TDs and 7 Ints in 17 (including playoffs) NFL games this year.  Wow.  How many wins would the Vikes have with Jackson as their QB?  Would Sidney Rice be a star?  How about Harvin?
AP didn't have a great 2nd can say the threat of him makes Favre effective this year.....OK, it's a team game no doubt.
If he wins a 2nd Super Bowl that puts him way up the list.

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First Take - 1:24 pm (DVR)..Nnamdi is smarter..

...than Skip Bayless.  On First and 10. Nnamdi just exposed Skip for his bluster!  Well done.
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As you can tell by me Favorite teams section, I'm a Jets fan. The other two squads have had their share of success......the Jets........not so much!

It's like the sports gods are paying me back for having won all those championships with the Yankees and Lakers (7 in the past 12 years!).

The Jets pick #6 in Saturday's NFL draft and - as we all know - they have a history of screwing this thing up (see Jeff Lageman). Please, please Gang Green - take McFadden if he is there at #6. It's a no brainer. The kid is atop most draft boards and he's a home-run hitter and the Jets offense needs just that. Yeah, I know, they have Thomas Jones in the backfield with a huge contract.........but running back-by-committee is the way to go. RBs take such a beating and rookie backs have a pretty good track record compared to rookie quarterbacks and wide receivers. Why? It's simple, two words - YOUNG LEGS.

I know football teams should be built from the inside out. Meaning put together a solid offensive and defensive line and then work on the skill position players later. But what can't be overlooked is that when your left guard has a good game - you can still lose by three touchdowns! When McFadden has a big game - he's going to put points on the board - AND THAT'S WHAT THE JETS NEED.

Please let him fall to #6 and let's take our chances!!


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Getting back to the essence of sport.......why we play! And why the ones we watch play, on the biggest of stages, thrill us so. You will not read this blog for the sake of your fantasy team. It's not for the fan who's knowledge comes from highlight viewing and casual observance. It's for the passionate, the knowledgeable and those who want to analyze with vigor and have a good time doing so.



OK, so it sounded good when CBS asked me what this blog was about.

We'll still talk some fantasy (who doesn't have a little pride in a Fantasy League title?) and I get a lot of my knowledge from highlight shows (who doesn't watch Sportscenter?), but I want to hear from those who still play, have played and now watch with a passion because it's what you love and seeing it done by the pros- just takes your breath away.

Before we were married I told my wife that I never cry........except at Sports Montages! My brother crys once a year in March when CBS plays "One Shining Moment" at the end of the NCAA Torunament....he'll enjoy this blog.

I often get the chills when I see Charlie Hayes squeeze the final out of the '96 World Series. Or how about Tino Martinez' blast in Game #1 against the Padres in '98. I can still see, in my mind's eye, the beer falling out of the upper deck on the replay. (Yankees Fan)

I onced punched a hole (in excitement, not anger) in my bedroom wall when Kobe threw Shaq the game clinching alley-oop against the Blazers in '03 Conference Finals. (Gotta check on that date....not sure if it's '03.) (Lakers Fan)

I had homicidal thoughts after Doug Brien's two missed FGs, against the Steelers in the '05 NFL playoffs, prevented the Jets from advancing to the conference championship game. (A long suffering Jets Fan - will they win a Super Bowl in my lifetime?)

I'm like all of you. We used to play and the time we had on the field was simply sublime. My closest friends still talk HS football like they were 16 again.

Now we play much much less - but we still feel it when Eli finds Plaxico open in the corner of the end zone to win the Super Bowl (ok, not a Giants Fan, but that was a drive for the ages)

It's the rush that it's intoxicating. Four years ago I made a full out diving stab of a line drive as the SS in my championship softball game. It was a thing of beauty. Granted it was a co-ed league and it was indeed hit by a girl.......but felt good to play Jeter for just a moment.

If you can find it - Take a look at Kevin Garnett's postgame comments following last nights Game #1 victory over the Hawks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. He speaks of having to calm himself down because he was so amped in the runway on the way to the floor just before last nights game. He's embarking on a title run with the Celtics......that's historic....the ultimate experience for him and thousands of rabid Celtic fans..........they will love this blog!!!

Trivia - who uttered the words in the title of this blog entry?

He's provided so many WOW moments over the years - I had to work him in to my first ever blog entry.


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